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Dear friends, thank you for the support of the Company, our growth can not be separated from your participation.

Welcome you to send a message! We will reply in no longer than 12hours For some reason, Our mail maybe in your Spam mails. Please check your spam mail box, or make sure your email account is workable.
If you still haven't got the reply from us within 12 hours. Please call or mail to us again Thank you !

If you have the instant Messenger. Such like Wechat. Skype. We will much appreciate you contact us through this.

Yiwu Head Office

Skype: ADA20086
WhatsApp: +8613732438706
Wechat: 13732438706
Mobile (MS ADA): +86-13732438706(oversea)
Telephone: +86-579-85598339
Fax: +86-579-85599150
ADD: A 3th Floor of No. 5, Building 81,Yinhai District 2, Yiwu, China.
Post code: 322000
Yiwu Goodcan

Guangzhou Office

E-mail: info@goodcantrading.com
Skype: nevershu
Mobile (MS ADA): +86-13738990220(oversea)
ADD: Room 1103, D building, King peak, No.8 xingsheng Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou.
Post code: 510000