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When does chinese new year end 2016

If possible, do not place orders in Yiwu market close before or close after Chinese New Year holiday, which is usually in late January or early February.
This is the biggest holiday in China. Everybody is back home.Factories are closed for 20-25 days.

2016 chinese new year

when does chinese new year end 2016

Yiwu market ONLY FULLY CLOSE at Chinese Spring Festival, or known as Chinese New Year.
The coming Spring Festival/Chinese New Year close / half close time will be from Jan.25, 2016 to Feb.25, 2016 - It is either finish everything one week before The Spring Festival or come two weeks after The Spring Festival. Don't come during this time.
Whole China doesn't work much in this half a month. People either don’t have enough time to take care of you because they’re too busy or they are still on the holiday. 

Chinese Public Holiday 2015, 2016, 2017:

chinese public holiday 2015, 2016, 2017
The following risks need overseas buyers pay special attention to: 
Delivery Delay:
The number one risk is delivery delay if you place orders close to Chinese new year.
Factory workers usually start leaving for home 10 days before holiday. To our experiences, lots of factories just load too much work before holiday. They all want to make as much as possible in this year. (Lots of Chinese people still take Chines Lunar calendar as the start and end of one year). They work till 11:00 or midnight, but finally realized they can not deliver before holiday.
What about after holiday?
Well, an interesting thing happened in last two years was: factory workers just didn't return after holiday! So there is always a possibility that your order will be delayed for another 20 days.
In total, they can end up with a 40-60 days BIG delay. If this is an urgent order and your customers are waiting, you get stuck! 
Quality Issue:
As i mentioned above - factories load too much work before holiday. They work with too much extra hours and too much rush. As everybody is eager to get paid and just go for holiday, some factory workers may never come back to the same factory after holiday. Even factories may think to have something different to do in next year.
The result is: a lot of mistakes happened, and then ignored unintentionally or unintentionally, or ignoring mistakes is the only option in the end.
What about after holiday?
Too many times, because old experienced workers don't come back after holiday. Some new hands are put on. Training staff takes time.
So buyers may find a factory normally can do good but deliver products with more quality issues before Chinese New Year holiday.
Last year before Chinese new year holiday, we had one supplier delivered some crystal trophies with wrong logos - logos only look right from back of the trophies! 
There are always more scam cases around big holidays. Both factories and agents all may have some NEW plans after holiday, or we can say, in next year.
That means some people will never do what they do in this year. In international business, it's not easy at all to get your money back if you're scammed. Even inside China, we find it's extremely hard for us to get money back if we're scammed by a Chinese company or a Chinese guy.
You place orders before holiday, paid deposit and went back home. But you may never get emails replied or phones calls answered after holiday! 

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