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Yiwu Restaurant

With the rising level of internationalization of Yiwu, Yiwu city attractive lots of business man come from all over the world. the different national culture and religious belief to promote the diversification of Yiwu Restaurant needs of different request, including Arabia food, Islamic Food, Korea Food, western restaurant, fast food like KFC and Mcdonald and so on.

Come on, After a busy day work, bring your friends to follow us to enjoy the Yiwu Restaurant and enjoying yiwu culture together. Here we will introduce you to some of the more popular Food places for your reference.

Yiwu Western Restaurants

1. Yiwu Raindrops Restaurant
Yiwu Raindrops Restaurant
Address: Yiwu City, Binwang Road No. 208
Yiwu tel: 0579-8563 6789

2.Yiwu Sofia Italian Restaurant
Yiwu Sofia Italian Restaurant
Address: north of gongren road No. 971 of yiwu city.
Tel:0579-85582183 14757882885

3.Yiwu Munoiver Wine Club
Yiwu Munoiver Wine Club
Address: choucheng streets,huagong road dadu building no 39 (near chenzhong north steet)
Tel: 0579-85520770 13516937911

Yiwu Fast Food

Address 1: No. 111, Chengzhong Middle Road, Choucheng Street
Phone: 0086 (0)579-85521561

Address 2: No. 119, Choucheng West Road
Phone: 0086 (0)579-85332062

Address 3: the first floor, No. 586, Choucheng North Road
Phone: 0086 (0)579-85567536

2.CMK Chinese Fast Food
CMK Chinese Fast Food
Headquarters address: West road of jiangbian street,2 floor No 343 yiwu city.
Tel: 0579-85256666

Yiwu Pizza Restaurant

1.Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut
Address: No.88, Chengzhong Middle Road, Yiwu

2.Papa Johns
Papa Johns
Address: No. 160, Gongren North Road, Yiwu (near the crossing with Binwang Road)
Phone: 0086 (0)579-85577272

Yiwu Cafe

1.C.straits Cafe
C.straits Cafe
Address 1: No. 95, Chouzhou West Rd.
Phone: 0086 (0)579-85320345

Address 2: No. 225, Chengzhong North Rd.
Phone: 0086 (0)579-5855577

Address 3: No. 21, Suite 12, Xingzhong District

Yiwu Brazil Roast Restaurants

Yiwu Brazil Roast Restaurants
Address: Next to Yiwu International Mansion Hotel - 218 Binwang Road.
Tel: 0086 (0)579-85582555