Have you met these problems

How long does it take for shipping after the order placed? If your orders have stock, and the container is ready, we will ship it in one week. If you orders don't have stock, it depends on the supplier's lead time, normally it may take 15 days. How could i known my cargo situation? 1. You can check your cargo every step situation in our website. 2. We can send your cargo every situation to your mobile How could i find someone to assist me? If you meet some problems in traffic and hotel reservation, you can call us, the service hotline is 0086-13732438706, E-mail: admin@goodcantrading.com Is there any MOQ required? Yes, in common situation, you need to order at least one carton and some items may be required more, we will try to talk with supplier accoding to your order quantity. Not Late delivery Happens! We push the delivery strictly! Also will let you know long before loading the container, with free warehouse. your warehouse expense will also be cut off in case of late delivery. Can I put brand or barcodes On ? Yes! We can ask the factory to put your logo on, no matter it's a brand, barcode, ring code or logo, you can always put them on each item with our help. Can you help us packing? Yes usually the size of packing are certain, but with our help, it is piece of cake. We usually charge 3% of the total value as our commission for all the service we provide to help you import goods from the factories in china. Why our customer chooses us, not from the factories directly to save the 3% commission? We aim to create values for our customer, we help our customer to get better price, control the risk and save the time to import from china. we believe that we can create more than 3% values for our customer through our service.