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Market Guiding & Translation

Market Guiding Services

Our Professional Purchase Assistant has been helping our customers narrow down options based individual needs.They are well versed at each sector of yiwu market and are good English translator.
During visiting the market ,our staff will note down the orders in their notebook, write down information such as: Article No. Description, order quantity, size, color, packing method and cube meter, at the same time take the photos for all the goods you have ordered.and make order forms for you to check the price, total amount, total Cube meter. Make everything clearly to save clients time.

Translation Services

Interpretors are smart and professional, the will accompany with our clients and translate acuratly between the clients and suppliers. we will asking detailed specifications of the product and negotiate price with the supplier to make sure the information is correctly expressed.
After viewing the market, our translator will send our client to their hotel and sorting all the information such as ,shops,products, prices, packing, quantity, etc in the evening. You will see what has been viewed today in the next morning.
Translation service charge is 25 USD/day, and this fee is refundable when order placed.