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Goodcan is one professional export agent based on the largest china general merchandise trade and distribution center —Yiwu, We also have the office in Guangzhou.Professionalism, experience and integrity have earned.

Goodcan its reputation as the world’s leading export agent.
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Our Feature

Solid reputation earned by providing quality service
Satisfied customers in over 60 Countries worldwide
Complete translation service provided
Professional export agent with over 10 years experience
Offices in Yiwu & Guangzhou with ability to deal in all of China
Guarantee given on all contracts
Have the most Efficient & Professional Team always reply you immediately( no later than12 hours)
Independent advice given on all aspects of the buying process
Consolidation , Inspection , Loading , Shipping services
Certification certificates provided as required
Full service sourcing and production management team
TOP-5 Trading Company in Yiwu China,Offices in Yiwu & Guangzhou with ability to deal in all of China
100% Guarantee. We take responsibility for any problems on quality, quanlity packing and breakage, ect

Our Team

Rest assured, we treat your business in the strictest confidence & safeguard your money and any investment you make at all times.

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Some of Our Client

Over time we have built a long lasting relationship with our customers. We treat them as family and are always trying to provide the best business solutions for them were in China.

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WhatsApp: +8613732438706
Wechat: 13732438706
Mobile (Ms ADA): +86-13732438706(oversea)
Telephone: +86-579-85598339
ADD: A 3th Floor of No. 5, Building 81,Yinhai District 2, Yiwu, China.


WhatsApp: +8613732438706
Wechat: 13732438706
Mobile (Ms Ada): +86-13732438706(oversea)
ADD: Room 1103, D building, King peak, No.8 xingsheng Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou.