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Need Yiwu Market Agent Service

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Yiwu Market Expert
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Address: The 3rd Floor of No. 5, Building 81, Yinhai District 2, Yiwu, China.

    What problem are you trying to solve?

    Products Damage Problem2020-12-04T16:30:43+08:00
    1. Sending picture and quality from customer
    2. Check inspection report&loading picture
    3. Doing a sloving conclution and time
    Packaging Problem2020-12-04T16:29:37+08:00
    1. Sending picture and quality
    2. Checking the inspection report
    3. Checking the pland recording
    4. Doing a sloving conclution and time
    Products Quality Problem2020-12-04T16:29:14+08:00
    1. Sending picture and quality from customer
    2. Checking the inspection report&gross weight for the carton
    3. Checking the loading picture
    4. Doing a sloving conclution and time
    Products Shortage Problem2020-12-04T16:28:46+08:00
    1. Sending picture and quality from customer
    2. Checking the inspection report&gross weight for the carton
    3. Checking the loading picture
    4. Doing a sloving conclution and time
    Products Damage Problem2020-12-04T16:24:49+08:00
    1. Sending picture and quality from customer
    2. Check inspection report&loading picture
    3. Doing a sloving conclution and time

    From the initial inquiry to delivery to your site, it may take you about two weeks to three months.Production time depends on factories and what kind of products you want to purchase .Our Goodcan will be your eyes in China  follow your order to save time.

    HOW IS THE MOQ IN YIWU2020-11-25T10:28:12+08:00

    We have no limited of the order value.
    1: No matter how much amount of your purchasing order can be worked.

    2: Especially in Yiwu you can mixed hundreds items in one container , we can consolidate all the suppliers .
    3:If some products less than the MOQ, we will try to find the stock goods for you.


    1:Yiwu Market (total 2,600,000 square meters) is open all year round.
    2: The suppliers in the market accept small quantity orders, and many items (from different suppliers) could be mixed in one container.
    3: All prices in the market are original factory prices.
    4: Most of the products are in stock, and could be delivered within.

    HOW TO PURCHASE IN YIWU2020-11-25T10:27:06+08:00

    Yiwu market is the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world. It is famous for low price and notorious for crap quality in the past. Visitors are still confused about how to purchase in this “huge” Yiwu market


    Here is one example: G is from Singapore, who represents a large company and plans to source some products in Yiwu. Before she came, she thought that Yiwu market is something like a fair or trade exhibition. She can easily import directly from sellers there. But she was greatly disappointed to found out that 95% of suppliers in the market are not ready to export directly. They don’t have export licenses, don’t know anything about FOB price, and most of them even can’t speak English!

    How YiWu market works?

    Factories (or agents) have their booths set up inside the market. They sell the products they produce/ represent. Usually a booth has two persons. One is “boss”, the other is “assistant”. In most cases, the “boss” is the factory owner’s wife, daughter, or close relatives, someone the factory owner can completely trust. The “assistant” is usually a girl they employed, who can speak a little English and knows how to use a computer.

    “Boss” usually can’t speak English and only knows a little about foreign trade. Their job is to keep everything under control. And the “shop assistant” is usually a high school or college graduate, who doesn’t have much knowledge about foreign trade .

    The shops here try their best to display as many products as possible and sell them. To export directly to oversea buyers is not something they’re happy to do, or able to do. So here comes the question: How to purchase in Yiwu market?

    In most cases, you have to employ anYiwu agent to assist you with all the sourcing activities. They can arrange your visit, accompany you to the market to browse, then collect orders, do inspection, and finally ship out your products.

    Agents usually charge a commission from 1% – 5% of your total purchase value, according to what you buy and how much you buy. >>Yiwu Sourcing Commission

    The advantages of employing agents :

    Obviously, an agent can make things much easier for you. Sourcing in Yiwu without an agent is almost an “Impossible Mission”. You have no warehouse to collect your goods, no one do inspection, and no title to ship out your containers.

    And agents can also help you get cheaper prices sometimes. Agents always have business relationship with suppliers. They buy a lot from suppliers and suppliers are also willing to offer a discount because agents help them sell.

    The disadvantages of employing agents :

    This only occurs when you employ a “bad” agent. You may find almost every agent’s website promises MIRACLES. In fact, the reality is quite different. Most agents are inexperienced, incapable, have little connections with suppliers, have no warehouses, tell lies, make mistakes, create additional costs, waste time, and choose slow cheap container lines….

    (I’ll try to write another article about how to select a good agent according to my humble experiences later.)


    Come to Yiwu for a visit if possible

    Personally, I would recommend each buyer have a visit in?Yiwu to see products by themselves. This is crucial to their business success.

    Firstly, buyers know their market much better than agents. They can select the right products at a right price. If they purchase goods with agents, there can be lots of mis-communications and time waste. And buyers can also discover new opportunities. Agents just don’t have the buyer’s eyes. I don’t think agents can show all the opportunities of this huge market by emails, phones talks and live chat.

    Secondly, buyers can know the fact at some extent. They can access to information like price and new arrivals. They can explain exactly what they want and show the agents/factories how to do in the future. They can also make quicker decisions.

    Thirdly, information online or you get from somewhere else usually turn to be junks. You spend lots of time and energy, but get no positive results in the end.

    Above is just a quick overview of how to purchase in Yiwu market. Of course, you can set up your own buying office and even register your own business if your business already developed to a certain level. I’ll put on more information about how to purchase in Yiwu later.

    WHY YOU NEED A YIWU AGENT2020-11-25T10:26:35+08:00

    The following 5 factors clearly account for why you need a YiWu Agent.

    1.Purchase Goods

    There are dozens of large markets with more than 100,000 booths expanding, changing and growing all the time in Yiwu. Just in imitation jewelry & hair ornament market alone, there are about 7000 stands. It’s said that, it will take you a whole year to stop at each booth for 1 minute.

    We will make appropriate arrangements after you tell us what kinds of goods you are looking for. And all you need to do is choosing goods and checking price. We will arrange a translator to go to market with you to translate, take photos, write down the item No, price, packaging, Measure of carton, and other details for you. At last, we will make a quotation with price, photo, total number and total volume for you.

    2.Collect & Inspect goods

    We will place the order with suppliers after your confirming the order and payment (Each container holds goods from 5-100 suppliers). We collect goods and inspect them in our warehouse. If something were wrong, we will ask supplier for correction. A list of received goods will also be sent to you, and you send balance back to us.

    3.Loading container

    We will book container, arrange for shipment, load and unload goods according to your requirement.


    A full set of documents will be sent to you, such as packing list, Commercial Invoice, B/L, Forma, Certificate and so on.

    5.Shipment &  Payment

    Most shops in Yiwu market do not accept USD, so you are supposed to pay 30% deposit in advance by way of T/T, and then we order goods from the suppliers you selected at the price the suppliers offered to you. After receiving the remittance, we will pay the suppliers, arrange for shipment, and send a complete set of documents and B/L to you.

    Most importantly, if you are not in China, we can be your reliable business assistant.

    HOW TO RENT AN APARTMENT IN YIWU2020-11-25T10:25:24+08:00

    If you are going to stay in Yiwu for more than 1 month or that you want to find an alternative for staying in hotels. One economical way is to rent a house or apartment in the city.


    Local people post rental information on the walls inside residential quarters. The information is usually written in A4-sized red papers. Tenants can contact the landlords by phoning the number on the paper.

    CAN I USER CREDIT CARD?2020-11-25T10:24:54+08:00

    Most of the shops in YiWu City  do not accept international business credit cards. However, if the card has Visa/Master logo, one can easily withdraw money from YiWu ATMs. Many banks such as Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank, provide ATM facility for international cards.

    HOW TO GET ACCESS TO MY MONEY IN YIWU2020-11-25T10:24:14+08:00

    Most of shops in Yiwu don’t accept international business credit cards.


    But if you have an international debit/credit card with a Visa or Master Card logo, there will be no problems withdrawing your money from many Yiwu ATMs. Bank of China, ICBC, China Construction Bank… all have ATMs for international cards. It’s also cheaper to take money out from ATMs than withdraw them from bank counters.

    But after confirming with several bank staffs, using an international card to withdraw money from ATMs would be the last option, because usually the rate is high and there are limitations for how much you can withdraw once, or per day… For example, a China local card can only take out 2,500 RMB/365 USD once and 20,000 RMB/2.920 USD per day from ATMs.

    You definitely need to check up these limitations and restrictions with your own bank.

    Carrying cash would be the easiest way. You can check with your customs for how much money (your local currency or foreign dollars) is allowed to take out of your country. Carry as much as you could, that’s the top 1 option recommended here. It’s pretty safe to carry cash in China. (*Disclaimer: only my thinking and it all depends on how you carry it.) You’ll find people in Yiwu tend to carry more cash alone with them.

    International cards (Visa, Master) can certainly serve as backup options.

    If you plan to withdraw over 10,000 USD from banks here, another option is you exchange that money into RMB and wire to someone’s bank account in Yiwu, and you can withdraw that from his/her/their account after you arrive in Yiwu. You may check up with your bank for how much money they would charge for this. For withdrawing money from banks here, it’s almost free. Usually it takes several working days to transfer money from your bank account to a Yiwu bank account.

    DON’T do this unless you’re 100% confident with the bank account you’re going to transfer money! ONLY choose someone you can 100% trust in.

    In all, it all depends on how much you would like to spend in Yiwu. If just for accommodation, sampling and small deposit, carrying cash plus bank cards would be enough.

    P.S. Most banks in China don’t exchange New Zealand Dollars, so New Zealand visitors have to exchange your dollars to US dollars before entering China.

    For more information, please contact us

    TIP FOR EXCHANGING MONEY2020-11-25T10:23:43+08:00

    Money Exchange and Financial Transactions in Yiwu are quite easy. One can exchange money into Chinese Yuan Renminbi at various banks in Yiwu. Starting from airports to the hotels, you would get money exchange facility at various places.


    Though many banks exchange currency in Yiwu, most of them do not accept New Zealand Dollars. Therefore, NZ visitors should exchange their currency into US dollars before entering China.

    All exchange places have ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ rates. It implies that one can either sell his currency or buy the local currency. However, there’s always an undisclosed commission. Always ask them about their commission rate before changing your currency. Moreover, there is a different rate for Travelers’ Cheques/Checks (T/C).


    It costs you about 4 hours from Shanghai to Yiwu by train and about 2 hours from Hangzhou to Yiwu by train.

    Where is Yiwu?2020-11-25T10:21:26+08:00

    YIWU is located in middle part of Zhejiang province,lies in the south of  Shanghai and  Hangzhou, the distance from  to YiWu is 300 km, from  Hangzhou  to YiWu is only 120 km. Guangdong Province and Fujian Province is to the south, Shanghai Economic Zone is on the north, NinBo port is near on the east. YiWu enjoys a favorable place for developing and investing of economy.

    We Provide One-stop Service Including All The Following Featured Service2020-11-21T14:38:10+08:00

    1:Pick-Up services from the airport(Hangzhou, Shanghai, Yiwu);
    2:Hotel Booking, at a discounted price;
    3:Translator, Market Guiding, and Negotiate the best prices;
    4:Order list clearing all specification before ordering;
    5:Purchase & Forwarder procedures;
    6:Warehousing, QC and Inspection;
    7:International freight at competitive prices;
    8:Export declaration. Full documents for your clearing customs;
    9:Full documents as your requirement, hide factory`s information;
    10: Report step by step, let you attend the whole procedure.

    Which Year Your Company Funded and How Many Person In Your Company?2020-11-21T14:42:16+08:00

    GoodCan was founded in 2005 and we have 30person in the Yiwu office, 15person in the Guangzhou office.

    How Is Your Work Process?2020-11-25T10:16:04+08:00

    Before you come to China
    1:Advice your best time to china do purchase, search suppliers and arrange the meetings for you in advance if is necessary.
    2:Issue china invitation letter (free business invitation letter or charged government invitation letter)and visa issues as well.
    3:Offer different language translators available(English, Spanish, Italian, French, and Arabic)
    4: Free to book a hotel for you with the best discount.
    5: Airport pick-up from Yiwu, Shanghai, and Hangzhou.Guangzhou

    When You Arrive in China

    1: Professional Translating Guiding you to visit the right product markets and visit all the shops one by one And visit factories if necessary.
    2: Our translator are always negotiation the price with suppliers and record all details according by you. such as item no, quantity, size,color, carton measurement ,MOQ, delivery etc.
    3: Take the photos for all the goods you have ordered,take sample if necessary.and send report to you day by day. Easy and convenient for you to organize and purchase of the goods.

    After The Completion of China Purchase

    1: Placing orders according to your confirmation ,and the receipt of 30% advanced payment;
    2: Following every order to make sure the production will be completed finished in our expected time and report every step of the process to you.
    3: Clients T/T the rest amount before collecting goods since we have to pay off suppliers on the day of collection.
    4: Collecting all the goods in our own warehouse and inspect the goods to make sure orders are according to your requirement, and sending you the inspection report for your confirmation;Distributing the payment for goods to your suppliers;
    5: According to customer’s request, book shipping and arrange shipments. Preparing the export documents concerned and do custom declaration at china customs.Sending you all the documents including B/L,Co,Packing List, Commercial Invoice to you for the Custom clearance in the destination.

    How You Can Make Sure I Will Receive The Quality What I Want?2020-11-25T10:17:06+08:00

    When production is finished,we will do sample inspection from production and give you report to let you know product status.Quantities , printing , labeling , colors ,sizes, packaging and shipping marks are all in our control. We take photos and make inspection reports for you to confirm. If there are any differences, we will confirm with you before shipping.Goodcan provide 100% Guarantee. We take responsibility for any problems on quality, quanlity packing and breakage, ect If there are any problems with products quality, quantity, packaging and labeling issues, we will refund the value of the products

    If I am Come To China How You Can Work For Me?2020-11-25T10:18:09+08:00

    when you are not in China,We can be your reliant business assistant 
    1:If you have any products need sourcing in China, our marketing staff will provide  valuable information  on purchasing, product cost ,MOQ,designing, quality control, logistics, custom clearance.

    2:with our advise and agent service, you can purchase products meet your quality requirement at more cheaper price from right suppliers.

    3: When production is finished,we will do sample inspection from production and give you report to let you know product status.Quantities , printing , labeling , colors ,sizes, packaging and shipping marks are all in our control. We take photos and make inspection reports for you to confirm. If there are any differences, we will confirm with you before shipping.

    Where Is Your Customers Come From?2020-11-25T10:19:09+08:00

    Goodcan was founded in 2005. Though we are Young company. we are growing very fast in the past few years. Because of the satisfaction of the customers. We have served customers from more than 60 countries .our business partner album

    If you want to know more about our customers  sincerely check our website as below :

    If I Have Balance Goods In Your Warehouse Will You Charge Me?2020-11-25T10:20:04+08:00

    No , we will not charge you extra money , you just have to pay for the balance  goods value.

    Why Choose Us

    Not only do we are experts in the import-export business having 19+ years
    of experience, but we also offer the following services: