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Yiwu-China is a gathering place for daily necessities, and their market demand is great; so our company has collected so many manufacturers for our customers. You can wholesale high-quality goods from China at the most competitive price through our professional one-stop procurement export service.

General Merchandise market

Daily necessities is one of Yiwu’s best categories; in Yiwu, we have gathered more than 50,000 daily necessities merchants. Yiwu’s daily necessities are competitive in the world. GOODCAN has 19 years of experience in Yiwu. Agent procurement experience, and have supported 100+ world-renowned brand companies.
Our 1000+ Yiwu daily necessities cooperative manufacturers are ready to provide your business with the best daily necessities supply chain.
In order to let everyone know clearly, I prepared a small part of the products as a display

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bathroom Articles

Cleaning Articles

In the Yiwu agent purchasing service of daily-use goods, our service can meet everyone's needs, and we have formulated different plans for different needs.

Disposable Goods

Home Decor

In order to give users a more intuitive understanding of Yiwu purchasing agent for daily necessities, we have filmed and produced some videos to make it easier for merchants all over the world to understand Yiwu daily necessities, understand the Yiwu market, and understand our procurement services.

Household Items

Outgoing Series

People usually like to learn knowledge in blogs. For this reason, we also made a detailed description of the Yiwu market and Yiwu agent procurement related knowledge in the blog. Hope this way can help customers who want to know Yiwu, want to know Yiwu market, want to know Yiwu agent

There are many other general merchandise type that we haven’t listed

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Our service advantage

Goodcan help you find best general merchandise suppliers

Goodcan can verify factory for you

Goodcan inspect all the items before shipment, taking pictures for your reference.

. Offer any private label products, you can import from China under your own brand.

. Support combined products, provide rail, sea, air transport, can transport door to door.

. Served 1000+ Supermarket, dollar store, wholesaler, retailer,etc.

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