Guangzhou (pop. 11M) is the largest city in the Pearl River Delta conurbation of 44 million. Its a leading commercial and industrial city. Business people by the hundreds of thousands attend the Canton Fair every year.

Many tourists enjoy new attractions and old museums/temples and a mild climate. A huge amusement park/zoo called Chimelong is now Mainland China’s number 1 theme park.

Guangzhou Highlights

Visit the Canton Fair

Guangzhou is the country’s largest commodity manufacturing city, so it is appropriate that China’s largest commodities trade fair is held there. Read more about China’s Biggest Trade Fairs.

Nearby Shenzhen and Dongguan compose the world’s largest electronics manufacturing area, and area electronics companies are well represented.

Visit the New Super-High Towers

Whether seeing them from the outside or going inside, these two towers are big attractions for foreign visitors.

ton Tower keeps changing colors.

The Canton Tower (ranked #2 in TripAdvisor 2016, Asia’s tallest tower) has a special observatory, and it is 70 meters taller than the new CTF Tower that is nearby and that is the world’s 7th tallest building (2016).

Guangzhou Shopping

Guangzhou has huge clothing markets, mainly for wholesale, but perhaps you can find a retail bargain. The best buys might be clothing, cosmetics, furniture, electrical appliance and digital products.

However, don’t expect many advantages shopping for luxury products or high fashion. High tariffs makes Hong Kong better for that. See What Mainland Expats Want to Buy in Hong Kong.

Guangzhou Good Food and Restaurants

Cantonese Cuisine is one of China’s Eight Most Famous Cusines, and you can find numerous Cantonese restaurants.