Located just south of the Tropic of Cancer, Guangzhou has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen Cfa) influenced by the East Asian monsoon. Summers are wet with high temperatures, high humidity, and a high heat index. Winters are mild and comparatively dry. Guangzhou has a lengthy monsoon season, spanning from April through September. Monthly averages range from 13.6 °C (56.5 °F) in January to 28.6 °C (83.5 °F) in July, while the annual mean is 22.6 °C (72.7 °F). Autumn, from October to December, is very moderate, cool and windy, and is the best travel time. The relative humidity is approximately 68 percent, whereas annual rainfall in the metropolitan area is over 1,700 mm (67 in). With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 17 percent in March and April to 52 percent in November, the city receives 1,628 hours of bright sunshine annually, considerably less than nearby Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Extreme temperatures have ranged from 0 °C (32 °F) to 39.1 °C (102.4 °F). The last recorded snowfall in the city was on 24 January 2016, 87 years after the second last recorded snowfall.The four seasons is introduced as below.

Guangzhou, China historical weather over the years


Guangzhou’s spring season is in February and March. Average daily highs range between 18 and 21°C with overnight lows of between 11 and 15°C. You’ll see rain on approximately 10 days a month, and humidity is high. Nansha Huangshanlu Park and Donghu Park are two of the best places to view cherry blossom and other flowers as spring gets underway.

Take layered clothing and an umbrella if you’re visiting Guangzhou in spring.


Guangzhou’s long summer lasts from April until September. Average daily highs start at 25°C in April, peaking at around 32°C in August. Night temperatures are warm and sticky, at up to 25°C. This is the wettest time in Guangzhou, with May being the wettest month – around 11 inches of rain.

The monsoon doesn’t bring rain all day every day, however. Although most days will see some rain, it comes in sharp downpours which clear quickly, often accompanied by ferocious thunderstorms.

To escape from the heat, try some watersports at the beautiful Chimelong Water Park, or leave the city and head to scenic Baiyun mountain where the air will be cooler.

If you’re visiting Guangzhou in the summer, bring waterproof shoes and many changes of lightweight clothing. Air quality in the city can be poor and hazy, so you might also want to consider a mask.


Autumn is a very busy time in Guangzhou with many conferences and trade fairs. The weather is mostly sunny and much cooler, with occasional rain. Expect average daily highs of 28°C in October, falling to 22°C in November. This is the perfect season for exploring Yuexui Park and White Cloud Mountain, or for shopping in Guangzhou’s many upscale shopping areas.

Bring something with long sleeves for the cooler evenings, plus a waterproof jacket.


December and January are the short winter period in Guangzhou, and it can become chilly at this time. Average daily highs of 18°C in the day give way to cooler nights at around 10°C. If you’re visiting Guangzhou in the winter, bring a sweater and some layered clothes, but leave the umbrella at home – this is the driest time of year.