How it works(1)
  • 1 Tell us what you need

    Tell us what you need
    Tell us what products you want with details, such as pictures,size,quantity,extra requirements, meanwhile send information of you or your company to service your better
  • 2 Offer

    GOODCAN will contact you in 24 hours to provide 1-1 exclusive service.We will quickly select suitable manufacturers from our rich manufacturer resource database to provide you with a reasonable quotation
  • 3 Sampling

    Goodcan will collaborate with you and the supplier seamlessly about the details of your product for samples.Send the samples to you once they are finished,get the confirming from you then move to next step
  • 4 Confirm the Order

    Confirm the Order
    Once you confirm the samples and all details, then you can make a order with us
  • 5 Mass Production

    Mass Production
    Goodcan will sign the contract with the supplier and follow up each step during the whole production process very carefully,ensuring the productioin is done on time and correctly.We will keep updating you from time to time on your order
  • 6 Quality Control

    Quality Control
    Perform various kinds of quality checks including Pre production,On Product and Pre Shipment inspections according our and your standards,to make sure the quality is exactly as you ked. Detailed inspection images will be sent to you to confirm
  • 7 Shipment

    When all the goods are ready and get your confirm, we will provide you the competitive shipping rates from different shipping lines for choose,also work with your own forwarder is workable.Perform consolidation,warehousing,customs clearance and Amazon FBA prep or any other services you need
  • 8 Goods Receipt

    Goods Receipt
    Once the goods arrive at your destination, contact your customs clearance agent to clear the goods to get your goods on time
  • 9 Feedback

    Feedback to us if there are any issues occurred after you inspected all the goods,We will find the best solution way at the first time.Your comments and suggestions are the keys to improve ourselves to provide you a better sourcing service