Yiwu is a famous commodity city, Yiwu furniture market is developing more and more quickly, now it has three main furniture market including Yiwu furniture market, Tongdian furniture market, Zhanqian Road furniture market. So you can find the household furniture and office furniture in those markets, no matter Chinese style or western style.


Yiwu furniture market locates in the center of Yiwu West (West Road No. 1779). It is the only government-approved large-scale professional furniture market, covers an area of 80 acres, with a total construction area of 60,000 square meters.
Basement first floor of Yiwu furniture market is for ordinary household furniture and office furniture; the first floor is for the sofa, soft, rattan, hardware and glass furniture, and ancillary service areas; the second floor for the modern plate, child bedroom furniture; the third floor for European, classical, mahogany, solid wood furniture; the fourth floor for wonderful boutique furniture business; the fifth floor for carpet fabric wallpaper for solar.


Yiwu Tongdian furniture market provides cheap price furniture of second hand and new ones. Chairs, beds, sofas, cabinets, etc are available. It’s near Yiwu international trade city.


Zhan Qian road furniture market is a good option for furniture purchasing on a budget. Typical items for sale include beds, desks, sofa beds, chairs, office furniture, tables, safes, and coat stands.

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